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RE Aerosound - by Reus
- Affordable Audio Solutions

Factory Integration Specialists


Affordable Sound Solutions for Tesla Model 3 SR+

$1196    RE Aerosound Woofer with Integrated Amplifier
$  400    Activate Factory Door Tweeters and Immersive Tweeters
                     (Immersive tweeters controlled by on-screen immersive control)
$  396    Upgrade to Performance Upper Midrange Tweeters
(performance tweeter upgrade requires factory tweeter activation)

1 year warranty on all parts and labor

prices include parts and labor (excluding sales tax)

Speaker Atlas.png
Model 3SR Harness.png
2021 Model 3 speakers.png
Upgrade the "Partial Premium Sound" in your Standard Range Plus (SR+)
with the RE Aerosound solution to achieve better 
than the factory "Premium" audio system
Control your immersive tweeters with your factory on-screen controls
The RE Aerosound speaker activation solution is the only plug and play design
on the market which gives you control of the factory immersive tweeters through the factory on-screen immersive audio controls
No other harness on the market provides immersive control

Right click and select "Download Linked File"

to Save the RE Aerosound Flyer

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