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History 36 Years of Reus Innovation

Reus Systems is not a recent company established after the golden era of the 1970s and early 80s where most of the creative engineering and design concepts for mobile audio were actually developed. We were a major part of that and in many cases, the catalyst for many of the more well known concepts that were born of that time period. Our resume of effective and useful design innovations will rival even those of many large mobile audio manufacturers.

In 1972 Reus Systems began installing five-speaker, three channel audio systems powered with home amplifiers modified for mobile use. The heart of these systems consisted of Lear Jet and Delco AM-FM 8-Track tape decks which in some cases were recalibrated to 7.5 IPS. They were then modified with an adjustable FM de-emphasis circuit. These early Reus audio systems also incorporated separate woofers, a center channel Utah 6x9 midrange and component tweeters. They provided extraordinary sound reproduction and were years ahead in their level of sophistication, setting a standard that is astounding even by today's standards. This standard of performance relative to the industry in general, has been maintained by Reus Systems year after year ever since. The above mentioned “FM de-emphasis circuits” are believed to be among the first car stereo equalizers known to the car audio industry. Several years later, Clarion, after a visit to our Chicago facility, and with our help, began to develop the 100 EQB which went on to become one of the most successful products in car audio.

Throughout the 1970's and early 80's, concepts such as Vehicle Specific Dual Band Pass Enclosures, Close Coupled Woofer Systems, Polymer Transducers, Electrostatic Speakers, Phase and Time Aligned Configurations, Adjustable Azimuths etc. were explored or developed by Reus Systems well before they became commonplace in the auto sound industry. Reus Systems has since pioneered numerous other innovations, promoting designs that offered real value while rejecting others that proved non-beneficial to end-users.

Today, Reus Systems is in the middle of the new era of high tech car audio and our “in-bread” instincts, that can only be developed through years of experience, are guiding us in developing systems that are not only still a reference standard for performance but are completely in sync with the technology of today's software driven vehicles.

To fully appreciate the depth of our passion and intensity about what we do is to understand our connection to the mobile audio past. For a complete, uncondensed Reus Systems company history, listing innovations and patents including dates, please call us. We will be happy to send you our company brochure.

36 Years of Reus Innovation
36 Years of Reus Innovation
36 Years of Reus Innovation
36 Years of Reus Innovation

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