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Experience Adventure in High Fidelity:
Elevate Your INEOS Grenadier’s Audio System

with Custom Engineered Audio by Reus


Your Favorite Listening Room,
on Wheels

The INEOS Grenadier is a rugged, versatile 4x4 built for off-road enthusiasts and professionals who need a vehicle that's both reliable and functional. It’s inspired by the classic Land Rover Defender, so you get that tough, iconic look combined with modern engineering to handle the roughest terrains and everyday driving.


Now, imagine taking this powerhouse of a vehicle and turning it into your favorite listening room. That’s what we do best. Our team specializes in upgrading the Grenadier’s audio system to deliver a stunning listening experience. We use elevated design techniques and expert craftsmanship to create high-fidelity sound systems tailored to the unique acoustics of the Grenadier.


Think of it: you’re out exploring remote trails or cruising on the open road, or even sitting in traffic on your way to the next meeting… but now, every note, beat, and melody energizes you with stunning clarity and detail. We transform the audio system, and tune everything to ensure an audio experience which transcends mere car stereo sound. With our custom upgrades, your Grenadier doesn’t just take you places—it transports you to places where your music reminds you how to enjoy life.


RE Aerosound


Designed for those who have a growing collection of high quality music files.
Utilizing similar design architecture as the
SST Stage system.

The RE Aerosound upgrade adds Custom
Soft Dome Tweeters

and a Compact
Powered Subwoofer

with 300 watts of Dedicated Power.
Premium Crossovers & Integration Electronics

  • Added Power: 300 Watts

  • Reus Premium Powered      Woofer Module

  • Dual Upper Midrange Tweeter Modules

  • Subwoofer Control

  • Passive and Active Crossovers

  • Reus Premium Integration

Starting At

SST Stage

High Performance

For those who want more impact from the bass and still crave the detail of an amazing front stage.
More Detail and Clarity
with a Discrete
High Power Subwoofer System Driven by a
Pro Monoblock Amplifier 

High Perfomance

 Premium Integration Electronics
& The Reus Patented Center Stage System

  • Added Power: 800 Watts

  • Reus High Performance Custom Woofer Module

  • Dual Upper Midrange Tweeter Modules

  • Center Stage Enhancement

  • Subwoofer Control

  • High Performance Passive and Active Crossovers

  • Reus Premium Integration

Starting At

"Dealer Accessories" are defined as items that do not appear on the factory window sticker and may be manufactured by a third party, that are installed by us, your INEOS Dealer. Actual Prices for all accessories may vary and depend upon a variety of factors. Prices are subject to vehicle equipment and could be higher than listed. Please check with us for vehicle specific pricing accuracy. Reus Systems reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in equipment, design, product specifications and pricing. Images used in this brochure are for general information only and may be different in appearance and/or specification from actual parts installed.

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