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Musical sound quality like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

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Why settle for good, when you can have great? Once you hear the difference, you'll never go back.

Your time is valuable, and the scope of this business goes well beyond these pages, so this is limited to what should help in forming an intelligent opinion of this company as well as its products and services. Fancy website special effects have been omitted as they will not make you aware of how stunning your car can sound.

Experiencing one of our custom engineered car audio systems will.

what we do

About Us

Reus engineers start with quality products and then improve them. We do not differentiate our level of service.

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Who We Are

Reus builds each system to match the acoustics of your car. Almost all Reus designed systems are vehicle specific. Your car is not an experiment.

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What We Do

Reus engineers start with quality products, and then improve them. We do not differentiate our level of service.

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Sound quality so good, it’s like being there! The Reus audio systems for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are absolute industry benchmarks.

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The Best Car Audio Shop in Orange

Welcome to Reus Audio Systems, the best car audio shop in Orange. With over 40 years of experience, we set the standard for excellence when it comes to high-end auto audio systems. Reus Audio Systems has redefined the meaning of sound. Our custom-engineered car audio systems introduce sound quality like you have never experienced. We have perfected the art of sound with our exceptional car audio systems designed to cater to every sound wave that enters your ears.

A Wide Range of Exceptional Car Audio Services in Orange County

At Reus Audio Systems in Orange County, our premier car audio systems will enhance your everyday car experience. Whether you own a luxury vehicle, hatchback, leased car, hybrid, or sports car, our highly experienced and talented audio technicians will custom design and install a top-quality sound system in your vehicle. Car dealers love us and our installations because we care about the interior as much as the exterior. From installation to maintenance to car audio services, you can rest

assured that our quality of work will exceed all expectations as we are a premier manufacturer of our own private label products. We are unlike your traditional audio car shop production. Reus Audio Systems offers OEM-built quality in a production that is customized with your vehicle in mind.

Reus Audio Systems is Orange County’s go-to Car Audio Company!

Start and end your day in your vehicle with the highest sound quality that will emotionally and mentally transport you (and your passengers) to the genre of music, talk show, ball game or podcast playing on your drive. Let Reus Audio Systems bring luxury to your ears and vehicle! If you recently purchased a new vehicle, inquire about our exchange program. Our exceptional auto audio services are guaranteed as we provide our clients with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. Get in touch with Reus Audio Systems in Orange County and hear the difference! We are passionate about providing the highest quality sound on every one of your drives.

High Performance Car Audio Systems

Reus Systems is comprised of multiple divisions: PRODUCTION: Develops OEM vehicle specific audio and video systems for end user distribution. CUSTOM: Engineers "one off" designs where a personalized design is required. OEM: Engineer systems for direct distribution to the major auto companies. An advanced R&D facility encompasses conceptual development, tooling, model crafting and rapid prototyping. Reus Systems is perhaps the only company that designs, engineers, installs, and services its products homogeneously. Only Reus trained personnel perform installations and we are not limited to what is presently available in the aftermarket.

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