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Imagine Your Commute Being

The Best Part of Your Day...

This is The Reus Audio Experience! 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have installed 8 or 9 Reus Systems over the last 5 years and am very happy. The resulting sound experience is very impressive and the cleanliness of their install is second to none. The team really knows what they are doing and are experts in their field.

Clarity, sound stage, precision, warmth, immersiveness etc. The donor foundation car definitely makes a difference, so I would ask them first about the expected results...


Edward Y.

Costa Mesa, CA


Reus Systems installed a Stage 2 audio system in my 2013 Tesla... The difference between the standard system I had and what Reus did is night and day. ...Reus put a 10" subwoofer in the car that really improved the low frequency response. They take great care on the installation and their attention to detail is second to none... Bottom line is if you want want high quality sound and want to keep your car looking stock, these guys can be trusted to do it right.


Viet N.

Pomona, CA


I've had my Reus system for 2 yrs now. Spend a lot of time in my car (56K) so the stereo is very important to me. After installing my system Cliff was again in my area a year later. He came out at no charge & tweaked the crossovers. Improved the immersion quality I was looking for. Asked about the recent upgrades to the codecs. He was familiar with it. Said it didn't affect his configuration. Have no hesitation recommending their system


Bill P.

South Amboy, NJ



For almost five decades Reus Systems has focused exclusively on high end car audio. 

Fancy website special effects, marketing language and pictures of exotic cars will not make you aware of how stunning your car can sound…

Experiencing one of our systems will. 

Intro to Who We Are
Reus Systems is comprised of multiple divisions:

Develops vehicle specific audio enhancement systems for Exotic, Luxury, Performance and Electric Vehicles.

Designs and Engineers audio system solutions for direct

distribution to automotive manufacturers

Engineers discrete, vehicle specific designs for many

Classic Car platforms.

Encompasses conceptual development, tooling,

model crafting and rapid prototyping

Engineers "One-Off" audio system designs for any vehicle where

hand crafted personalization is required

Production mobile installations at your home or office 

anywhere in the USA

Intro to What We Do

The Reus Systems design philosophy is the foundation of our production systems. Therefore, when we start working on your vehicle, most production installations are completed within one day. Your Reus Audio System upgrade isn't an experiment, we have performed the same installation in many of the same cars, while still custom tuning each system to the individual client.

The modular nature of our production design philosophy provides efficient servicing of your vehicle and your Reus Audio System. This means that whether Reus Systems, the local automotive service center or even the client is working on the vehicle, the layout and design of the Reus Audio System doesn't interfere with normal service and maintenance the car. Reus Systems warranty service is simple and accessible by design.

Our engineers start with quality products, and then improve them. Precision Engineering and Creative Product Development allow us to seamlessly integrate The Reus Audio Enhancement System into YOUR vehicle. Each system is uniquely designed for the vehicle platform we are working on.

Intro to Our History

Half a Century of Innovation

Reus Systems is an established company. We set the standard of innovation leading into the 1970s and 80s, the golden era of car audio, which saw most of the creative engineering and design concepts. We were right in the heart of, and often the catalyst for, many of the concepts born of that time period. Our resume of effective and useful design innovations will rival even those of many large mobile audio manufacturers.

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