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Musical sound quality like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

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Testimonials What Reus Customers Have to Say:

"I just wanted to post up and thank Reus Systems for the awesome job they did on my stereo..."

MANA on the 6speedonline.com forums

"...6speedonline.com raised thousands of dollars from the reus audio auction and thanks to some private contributors. Rick Reus should be thanked for his generosity and style..."

MWILENS on the 6speedonline.com forums

"...Reus did it for me..."

KEVIN on the 6speedonline.com forums

"The sound is audiophile perfection. It's from Reus Systems in Anaheim."

Santa Monicar on the AudiWorld.com forums

"Do yourself a favor and go hear a 5-series system at Reus Audio."

jfenley on the M5 board

"Before you do anything, go hear a Reus stereo upgrade. Best money ever spent."

jfenley on the M5 board

"...I've played with different audio systems in the past and have spent lots of time at shows listening to different systems but the Reus system is simply "amazing"..."

Oweyea on the 6speedonline.com forums

"Reus Systems installed a precision engineered audio system in my 2007 BMW 335i. Everyone that hears it is blown away with the clarity, balance and overall sound. Reus Audio's skill in acoustical engineering has made me a believer."

Scott D. | Houston, TX

"I am very happy with my Reus sound system and would definitely recommend them to any car owner. They are very professional and did an amazing job on my 2004 Porsche Carrera 4S!"

Jason L. | Houston, TX

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