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What We Do in Orange

Install a State-of-the-Art Car Sound System in Orange

Drive with pleasure everywhere you go when you install a state-of-the-art car sound system custom-engineered by Reus Audio Systems in Orange, California. With unparalleled sound quality backed by a lifetime warranty, we are the most sought-after auto audio production company in Orange County. Our thorough production process will revolutionize your vehicle’s audio system and equip every drive with musical sound quality like you’ve never experienced. Let Reus Audio Systems redefine your driving experience.

Top Audio Car Production in Orange County

Here at Reus Audio Systems in Orange County, we only use the highest quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to accompany our audio car production process. We constantly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses from a product standpoint and are very selective about which “Non-Reus Engineered” components are integrated in various system designs. Virtually all Reus installations incorporate Reus-designed speaker systems and built amplifiers catered to producing the highest quality sound production. Our incredibly knowledgeable and talented team oversees the entire process from system conception and design to installation to follow-up service. There is no part in our audio car production process that is overlooked.

Reus Audio Systems will always look out for your best interest!

Most large companies have independent dealers to represent their products who often cannot control the installation skill level of their  dealers. Most dealers are limited to the products they carry and do not always represent products of the highest caliber. Many will simply promote and use products that will enhance their profitability.

Throughout the years, we have partnered with a handful of premier companies that have been synonymous with our commitment to excellence—such as Concord, Audiomobile, Linear Power, Nakamichi, Sony, McIntosh and Eclipse. They have been instrumental in the growth of Reus Audio Systems. These industry-leading companies share a common thread, in that during various times, they created products that clearly ranked among the elite from a performance perspective. With quality and integrity as the forefront of our mission, you can count on us to provide the best car sound system for your vehicle. To learn more about our exceptional audio car production process, contact Reus Audio Systems in Orange County today.

Premier Car Audio Installation in Orange

Let Reus Audio Systems—an industry-leading audio car shop based in Orange—redefine the way you enjoy and listen to music on every car ride. We offer the top car audio installation services for the Orange County area. For many music enthusiasts, music is very personal. For others, it is only a medium of entertainment. That is why we are not interested in integrating a multi-thousand-dollar installation when a more economical installation will suffice. However, this will not take away from the incredible sound quality that we promise to deliver. With over 40 years of industry experience, you can count on Reus Audio Systems to provide state-of-the-art car audio systems that will exceed all expectations in musical satisfaction and system reliability.

#1 Car Audio Installation Process in Orange County

Our car audio installation process is custom tailored to your vehicle and the way you enjoy music. Almost all Reus-designed systems are vehicle specific. We design and engineer our own speakers precisely made with your car in mind. If a correct aftermarket amplifier is not suitable for your vehicle, we build one to spec. Fashion and gimmicks are discarded and only meaningful technology is employed in each system design and installation.

More power or bigger speakers and magnets do not necessarily mean better. It really depends on what is best suited for your vehicle’s audio system. Some vehicles, due to their acoustic limitations, require more parts while others require less. The goal is to achieve the highest ratio of musical payback per dollar invested–not the highest number of amplifiers and speakers per buck spent.

Our Work is Backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

From design to installation to completion, our car audio installation process is held to the highest standards of excellence. We have years of experience and knowledge refining system designs to OEM specifications where our components integrate seamlessly within the vehicle. Every purposeful part we select is machined to spec and fits in the vehicle as if the manufacturer designed it to. The fit and finish of even the most basic bracket is refined and complete. The only time a Reus installation is noticed is when the system is turned on. Our installations are spectacular in their elegance, quality and simplicity. Every Reus-designed system from the “entry-level” speaker systems to the multi-thousand dollar “SOTA Systems” share the same integrity of extraordinary engineering. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Reus Audio Systems in Orange County today! We are here and happy to help.

Top-Quality Car Sound with Custom Car Radio System in Orange

Here at Reus Audio Systems in Orange, our custom-engineered car audio services are known for our exceptional quality, system reliability and revolutionary sound production. Reus engineers start with top quality products and then improve them.

Since Reus systems have been bred with the OEM mentality, our car radio systems have been among the most reliable in the industry. This allows us to offer warranties and services that are benchmark in the 12-volt industry. We still service, warrant and upgrade Concord and Nakamichi-based systems installed 25 years ago.

Revolutionary Car Audio Services with Reus Audio Upgrade in Orange County

Reus audio upgrade in Orange County is unlike your traditional car audio services. We provide the best audio car services around! Our experienced engineers custom tailor our audio services with your vehicle in mind. Whether you drive a Lamborghini or Prius, we do not differentiate our level of service.

Reus Audio Systems’ database is extensive throughout North America and encompasses people from all walks of life. We do not differentiate our level of service. The care, quality and respect provided for the “sub one thousand dollar” system is thoroughly intense as that for the “multi-thousand dollar” installation.

Receive a Reus Audio Upgrade in Orange County Today!

From Orange County to Los Angeles to New York, Reus Audio Systems can meet the extensive audio demands and installations for a wide range of vehicles and drivers. We understand the demands and time constraints one must deal with when getting their vehicle worked on. For those who wish to visit our facility, transportation can be provided. If you are ordering a new car and wish to have the audio system installed before delivery, we will arrange it. Vehicle pickup and delivery is also available. System transfers from lease terminations are timely. If a special system is ordered that requires precision machining of parts, we can have your vehicle shipped to our facility from anywhere in North America! If you have any questions, give Reus Audio Systems a call today!

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