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About Us | Reus Audio Systems You take your audio seriously... so do we.

For over four decades, Reus Systems has been recognized within the industry to be among the innovative leaders in audio system design, installation technique and business services.

Our growth has been constant with a clear focus exclusively on mobile audio. There is not a single area of auto sound that we have not explored and as our “documented history” reveals, several innovations advancing the "state-of-the-art" were either pioneered or influenced by us. We have grown from our modest 5000 square foot facility serving the Chicago area to a nationwide concern that routinely performs system installations throughout North America.

Reus Systems is comprised of multiple divisions: PRODUCTION: Develops OEM vehicle specific audio and video systems for end user distribution. CUSTOM: Engineers "one off" designs where a personalized design is required. OEM: Engineer systems for direct distribution to the major auto companies. An advanced R&D facility encompasses conceptual development, tooling, model crafting and rapid prototyping. Reus Systems is perhaps the only company that designs, engineers, installs, and services its products homogeneously. Only Reus trained personnel perform installations and we are not limited to what is presently available in the aftermarket.

The Reus audio systems for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are absolute industry benchmarks. Not only do they provide a spectacular listening experience, but the personnel who install them know their way through these vehicles as well as factory-trained technicians. Our knowledge and resources are extensive.

OEM Division

Employing the most current technology, the OEM division develops audio systems for major automotive manufacturers. Products such as the PT and Ram Truck audio systems designed for the Chrysler dealer network, benefit from years of audio innovation from the Reus designed aftermarket systems for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Computer aided designs using Catia, help in developing concepts for future platforms.

Production Division

The production division conceives, develops and distributes audio products to car dealers and end users. It has the resources of the OE division in product development but does not have to deal with cost constraints imposed by the car companies. The result is a "no compromise" system design that is virtually OEM in appearance. Reus Systems has installed thousands of these systems since its inception. Systems ranging from "entry level" to "state of the art" are offered for models of:

  • Mercedes-Benz - BMW - Porsche - Range Rover
  • Lexus - Ferrari - Jaguar - Ford - Ford Trucks & SUV
  • Jeep - Chevy Truck & SUV - GMC Truck & SUV

Custom Division

The Reus Custom Division benefits from some of the most creative minds in car audio engineering and design. Special projects where exclusivity is the goal is its domain. The only limitation is where legal or practical boundaries are exceeded. Designs and installations are very diverse and can incorporate concepts such as 37-inch LCD screen theaters for limousines, spectacular home theater systems for SUV vehicles, complete mobile office and satellite systems are incorporated with the audio. Custom oversees the aircraft division where entertainment designs are available for aircraft as large as the Boeing 777.

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